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Sleeping around, cat-style

June 14, 2011

One of the things I like about our cat Bowie is how he sleeps. This is no insignificant part of his life, since cats spend something like 13 to 16 hours each day sleeping. You’d think he might return over and over to the same sleeping spot — we humans do, after all, and we call it Bed — but no. There are a couple of spots he favors, but otherwise he seems to be on an everlasting quest to ferret out new and weird places to sleep.

Sometimes he sleeps curled up in a round little ball, so tight he could fit in a salad bowl. (Oh! That’s right, one time he did sleep in our salad bowl.) I guess that biologically speaking, this position conserves heat and is less visible to predators.

Other times he sleeps with complete abandon, stretched out like the pelt of a dead squirrel, his fluffy belly exposed to the world. I love this because it suggests how safe he feels with us.

In any event, all this blather and pontification is just a pretext to show Cute Sleeping Cat Photos.

This is my version of nature photography where — thankfully, given my photographic skills — the nature doesn’t move.

Here goes.

(Photos copyright by Ilana DeBare)