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Species loyalty confusion!

September 30, 2011

Okay, I was all set to write about the high holy days some more. But Bowie just brought a mouse into the dining room.

It ran under a pile of cushions on the floor and he spent about ten minutes trying to nose it out. It ran behind the recycling basket and he went after it there. He caught it, tossed it around, and brought it back to the pillows, where it hid and he nosed after it some more. He didn’t seem to be trying to kill it, just play with it.

Photo by Ilana DeBare

What was my position on all this? Here’s my mental conversation:

Ilana 1: Way cool! He’s hunting something other than a $2.99 catnip ball! Get the camera!

Ilana 2: Poor mouse.

Ilana 1:  But he’s a natural predator. He’s doing his job. This is the circle of life. (Cue the Lion King soundtrack.)

Ilana 2: Poor mouse.

Ilana 1: He’s a cat! Cats chase mice! He’s doing his job!

Ilana 2: Poor mouse.

Ilana 1: You complain that Bowie never spends time at home. Now he brings a friend home to play, and you want to take the friend away?

Ilana 2: Poor mouse.

Ilana 1: Mice aren’t exactly an endangered species, you know. This mouse is going to get killed by something. Owl, hawk, dog, cat. Might as well be Bowie.

Ilana 2: Poor mouse.

Ilana 1: Stupid mouse!

Ilana 2: Poor mouse.

Ilana 1: You bleeding-heart liberal. I bet you support gun control too. Whose side are you on, anyway?

Ilana 2: Um, I don’t know.

At which point I picked up Bowie, handed him to Sam, lifted the cushion, and let the mouse run out the back door.

Sam released Bowie, who returned to the pillow and starting nosing all over it. He couldn’t figure out where his playmate had gone.

So what am I — traitor? savior? spoilsport? wimp? God?

Photo by Ilana DeBare

* * * * * *

P.S. About an hour after I drafted this post, Bowie re-caught the mouse and brought it back inside. This time it went under the piano and  I spent 20 minutes trying to get it out with a broomstick and dustpan. Some critters are just too dumb to help.