I’m moving! (well, this blog is)

It’s been 14 years of this Midlife Bat Mitzvah blog!

That;’s a nice long run. This blog has continued for 12 years after my actual Bat Mitzvah! But like a 1950s pink tile bathroom, it’s due for a makeover.

As of December 2022, I’m starting a new blog called Two Pockets on the Substack platform: You can find it at https://ilanadebare.substack.com/p/welcome-to-two-pockets.

Two Pockets will cover pretty much the same topics as Midlife Bat Mitzvah did—writing, parenting (although now parenting of an adult!), Judaism, family history, and politics. The new name is explained in that first post: If you guess its source correctly, let me know. :-)

Please continue reading! Use the subscribe button on the Two Pockets page to receive posts directly in your email inbox. To make sure they don’t get caught in your spam filter, add this sender to your contact list: ilanadebare@substack.com 

You can also keep up with my writing on my new website, ilanadebare.com, which should be up and running by January 2023.

Thanks so much for accompanying on the Midlife Bat Mitzvah journey—your reading, commenting, elaborating, and encouraging. I hope we can continue sharing more experiences and insights through Two Pockets.


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