An emerging feminist filmmaker (who happens to be my daughter)

Normally Daughter is not thrilled about being a subject of this blog. But for once she asked me to include something of hers!

During the fall, for one of her freshman film classes at NYU, she produced the following montage.

She has had almost 1,000 viewers on Vimeo without doing any promotion. She’d like more views! So… if you feel like it, please share this link on your Facebook page, or with friends who might be interested etc. The link is

I’m very proud of her. Not just the production quality, but the ideas. I’d say something about the feminist apple not falling far from the mother tree, but there is altogether too much fruit associated with this issue already. :-)

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3 Responses to “An emerging feminist filmmaker (who happens to be my daughter)”

  1. karen tanner Says:

    sounds like a budding (no pun intended)filmmaker…..and boy,18 year olds today are nothing like they were in my day.I wouldn’t have been caught dead doing what she did–or having my mother see it at all!


  2. Susie M Says:

    Done! Awesome video. I loved it the first time I watched it and again.

  3. Judy Says:

    Watch out world, Becca is going to be doing great things! And this is a great start. Thanks for sharing!

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