Blog recommendation: Not So Big C

There are a zillion blogs out there, and I read maybe six on a regular basis. Who has time to read more?

Still, I’d like to put in a plug for a new blog by my friend and former Chronicle colleague, Carolyn Said.

Carolyn was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and her blog, Not So Big C, is about her ongoing treatment and recovery.

Sounds grim, you are probably saying. Well, Carolyn is a really funny and insightful writer. I’ll share one passage from her recent post about the prospect of losing hair from chemotherapy:

Oh, my hair, my hair. Scraggly, limp, lank, stubborn. Even on my wedding day, after 60 minutes with the hot rollers and the curling iron and the can of hairspray and the hordes of hidden bobby pins, it collapsed like a bad soufflé on the five-minute trip from salon to venue, so the only ones who got to see it in all its poufy glory were me and the stylist.

My hair has always been like a no-goodnik boyfriend. You know you should give him the heave-ho, but when you finally make up your mind, he figures out which way the wind is blowing and gets all sweet and solicitous and you remember what you saw in him in the first place and just don’t have the heart to go through with it.

Whenever I start thinking it’s time for a drastic haircut, it manages to pull itself together and transform into little waves and tendrils that curl adorably. “Why can’t you be like that all the time?” I scold it. “We could have such a good relationship if you would just always act exactly the way I want you to act.”

That line of reasoning never worked on boyfriends either.

When Carolyn started her blog, I was supportive because I thought it would be a helpful way for her to cope with  cancer, and maybe get something creative out of a crappy situation.

Now I read it because it’s great writing. (As well as wanting to know how she’s doing, of course.)


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