Midlife bat mitzvah takes a vacation

One of these things does not belong / Photo credit: Ilana DeBare

Now that Becca has flown the coop to Israel, it’s time for us adult poultry to take wing too.

Sam and I are heading off to Amsterdam, Prague, and then our bike tour of the Czech countryside. Sam’s had me doing training rides in the Oakland hills — I rode 35 miles with 3500 feet of climbing on Sunday and only had to walk up part of one hill! — so I think I will do okay.

Beloved cat will be well taken care of by a house sitter. So no, he does not get to stay in my suitcase.

Torah and Haftarah chanting practice will be on hold for a while, although we will look up Jewish historical sites in all those places.

This is all just a quick way to say — don’t worry if you don’t see any new posts from me for a couple of weeks!

Have a great early-part-of-summer, whether you are traveling, welcoming travellers from elsewhere, or just staying put and sensibly avoiding airport lines.


2 Responses to “Midlife bat mitzvah takes a vacation”

  1. johnmangels Says:

    Have a great trip.

  2. Kaveh Says:

    I’m impressed with your training! Good job!
    I hope you will enjoy your trip immensely.
    And the cat fits purrrfectly!

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