Food photos and literary cocktail chat

Two quick links to share:

(1) Given all those photos I posted over the weekend of Passover desserts, I was struck by a story in the New York Times today about people who take photographs of all their meals.  Using an iPhone or digital camera, they photograph and post pictures on the Web of everything they eat, from gourmet meals to bowls of cereal. Some manufacturers like Nikon are even selling camersa with special settings for photographing food.

The Times offered some hypotheses about why people seem to be taking more pictures of food these days: Technology like cellphones and tiny digital cameras makes it easy. Our society has become obsessed with food as status symbol, or definer of identity.

But what about these reasons:

Unlike wildlife and children, food doesn’t move when you try to photograph it.

And I’ve never yet gotten red eye on a picture of meat loaf.

(2) San Francisco literary agent Nathan Bransford, who writes a blog about the publishing industry, had an entry on Tuesday that hit home so much with my current situation that I am going to reprint the entire thing. It’s called “The Way Cocktail Parties Really Should Go.”

Person #1: Wow, you’re a reviser? A published reviser??

Person #2: Yeah. I’ve revised five books now.

Person #1: Oh my god!! I can’t believe I’m actually talking to a published reviser!! How glamorous is that?

Person #2: Well, it’s hard work actually. I put a lot of time into my revisions.

Person #1: But to see your revisions on the shelf? What is that like?

Person #2: I’ve been revising since I was twelve, so…. it’s kind of a dream.

Person #1: Wow. Aren’t all revisers super rich?

Person #2: Not really. You’d be surprised at how little revisers make. I still have a day job, though of course the dream is to be a full-time reviser.

Person #1: You know… I’ve always thought everyone has one revision in them. Someday I’m just going to sit down and revise my memoir.

Person #2: Well… revising isn’t that easy. You don’t just sit down and revise, you should really study the craft.

Person #1: Oh nonsense, how hard could revising a book be?

Person #2: Would you look at that, my drink is empty. I’d better head to the bar. Nice meeting you. Good luck with that revision.

I love it!!!

Nathan’s blog is useful and interesting nearly all of the time. If you’re an aspiring book writer or just plain curious about how the publishing world works, it’s worth checking out here.


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