Nice Jewish blog seeks same, for long walks on beach

You may notice that this blog — like lots of blogs — has links to some other people’s blogs and Web sites in the column running down the side of the page.

I’m starting with three categories — Other Jewish Blogs, Blogs About Writing, and Random Stuff I Like.

What? You don’t see a listing for Other Jewish Blogs??!

That’s because I haven’t found any yet that I really, really like. To be honest, I haven’t even started looking.

But I’d love some suggestions!

Are there Jewish blogs that you read and enjoy? Or how about really good blogs about broader issues of religion and belief?

I’d love to hear about them and – if I like them too – link to them from this page.


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9 Responses to “Nice Jewish blog seeks same, for long walks on beach”

  1. Susie W Says:

    Ilana, since like like cooking (read: eating) so much, i do enjoy this blog “The Jew and the Carrot- Jews, food and contemporary issues” Check it out!


  2. Debra Solomon Says:

    I’ve read every word so far and love going through the process with you. I’ve long thought about becoming a Bat Mitsvah and I anxiously follow you through the process. Good luck. I’ll keep reading. Please invite me. D.

  3. Debra Solomon Says:

    Also, check out a website titled FEED ME BUBBE. Lots of traditional recipes and sweet presentation.

  4. Janice Dean Says:

    Dear Ilana,

    I discovered your blog through a link on Jim Richardson’s “Fiat Lux” blog. Although I am not Jewish, many of my friends in middle school were, and I have fond memories of not only attending their huge parties but especially of helping one friend think through what she wanted to say about her Torah portion, helping another friend stay calm on her big day, and of being angry because I felt that a certain Rabbi didn’t give my friend the attention he deserved after listening to him struggle through his Torah portion (well, I’m not sure that’s a fond memory, but anyway). I wish you the best in your endeavor!

    On the topic of Jewish blog suggestions, I was searching for a Haggadah to use at a Passover Seder I was hosting this past spring, and I found one that I absolutely love on the blog of the “Velveteen Rabbi.” I read many of her entries then but haven’t kept up with her posts. I would recommend you give her blog a whirl.

    I hope I do manage to keep up with your blog, and I hope that the process of becoming a Bat Mitzvah turns out to be everything you hoped it would be and more!

    • Ilana DeBare Says:

      Hi Janice, and welcome to the blog! I’m delighted to “meet” you via Jim. It sounds like you learned more as a 13-year-old about the substantive aspects of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process than many parents of Bar Mitzvah kids! (Just kidding… though not entirely.)

      I will definitely check out the Velveteen Rabbi blog. Love the name.

  5. miriamdoba Says:

    Well, I’m Jewish, and I just found this blog. (Mostly while looking for invitation design ideas for my own adult bat mitzvah) You can check out mine. I also highly recommend my rabbi’s blog:

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